"The residents are treated with such love and respect it is just wonderful"


The longest serving member of our team, Daiva has been with us for over 14 years! She has a delightful personality and works hard to keep all the service users and their families' happy.


Julia has recently joined our team and is keen to learn and improve her skills. She is dedicated and is undergoing all the appropriate training. We welcome her to Acorn!


Ona is an experienced carer who takes great pride in her work.


Having worked at Acorn for more than two years, Georgetta is a caring, sensible member of our team.


The manager of Acorn Care Home, Sabi opened the home in 2001. She has aimed to keep a culture of warmth and collaboration, which has helped her successfully run the home for many years.

"My [person] was a living skeleton before they came to live here. They have gained weight, are happy and content. the level of care is exceptional"

Taken from Care Quality Commission Report 2018

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